Vintage Bohemian Long Sleeve Summer Dress


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GVN Rocks Vintage Bohemian Long Sleeve Summer Dress

Bohemian Long Sleeve Summer Dress is truly special to be your beautiful boho summer dress. The bold collar and arc decorates the dress, makes it look so vintage. The materials used are of high quality, so that it can bring you comfort and elegance. This dress is very popular in this summer, which you cannot miss any more. This dress can be your summer dress for wedding. 

  • Open your door to the world of bohemian chic summer dressing with the Bohemian Long Sleeve Summer Dress. Made with the material of polyester and chiffon. (The polyester material makes it lightweight and breathable while the chiffon makes it flowy and feminine)
  • Further more, the roomy A-line silhouette in our boho summer dress is perfect for those who don’t want to worry about showing off their curves.
  • The neckline of O-Neck can make you attractive within your friends!
  • Next, the sleeve style of regular full is made especially with the bohemian style to suit your personality.
  • Other than that, this summer dress is Knee-Length dress length. It will be perfect for adding a little bit of romantic flounce to your wardrobe.
  • Besides that, this bohemian summer dress is made to suit natural waistline, to let the dress stand alone.
  • When it’s hot out and you need something to wear, our summer dress for wedding is a top pick. Meanwhile for the size, the elegant bohemian dresses is available in the sizes of S,M,L,XL and XXL.
  • You can choose either to pick the color of green leaf or leopard style.

Size Chart

Size Chart of Bohemian Long Sleeve Summer Dress

  • We advise you to choose the sizes accordingly to your size.
  • There may be difference in size 2 to 3 cm. Please note it when you ordering.


Can you wear long sleeve dress in summer? Yes, long sleeve dress are perfect for cold summer! 

Bohemian summer dress pattern can make you elegant. 

 What do you wear to a summer wedding? Our long sleeve summer dress is for you. Can be your perfect out for summer dress for a wedding. 

The dress can be your elegant bohemian wedding dress. 

Our boho dress long sleeve will certainly be the focal point of her look.

Ideal patterns of boho summer dress outfits. 

Bohemian Long Sleeve Summer Dress

Our boho-inspired floral dress is the perfect warm weather staple for boho dress summer. 

Bohemian Long Sleeve Summer Dress


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