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Lerbyee Fitness Tracker M4 Heart Rate Monitor Waterproof Smart Bracelet Bluetooth Call Reminder Sport Wristband Sleep Monitor New Gifts for iOS Android Free Shipping


Please note:

This bracelet does not require a charger and has a USB plug


Main Features:

– Bluetooth Synchronization

With Bluetooth 4.1, this smart bracelet is available for smartphones with Bluetooth function

– Professional 24H-continuous Heart Rate Detection

Whether you are resting or doing sports, detect your heart rate accurately

– Intelligent Anti-lost

Watch will send an alarm after leaving the mobile phone in a certain distance, no need to worry about losing your phone

– Sport Monitor

This smart bracelet can record steps, calories and distance, so you can know your sports data,adjust your exercise program and live a healthier life

– Sleep Monitor

Accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motion time every night, helping you develop good living habits

– Sedentary Reminder

Develop scientific habits and effectively resist sub-health


Function :

MAIN FUNCTION- 24H-continuous Heart Rate/Pedometer/Distance/Calories/Sleep Monitor/Sedentary Remind/Smart Photograph/Search Handset/Time/Color Screen display/Incoming call remind/Message Remind/Whatsapp Remind/Facebook Remind, etc.

Key Specifications – Bluetooth 4.1. Supports IOS 8.4 or above ; Android 4.4 or above (Download APP from Apple Store or Google Play. Smart phone only, not for PC or Tablet). can’t use for iPhone 5 ,iPhone SE

High quality polymer rechargeable battery guarantees long battery life

Bracelet language– Sync with your phone language OR English.

-The bracelet is an international version, only English, but the content of the message will synchronize the language of the phone(Support English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish



BT version:Bluetooth4.1


System:Android 4.4 and above,IOS8.4 and above

Screen:0.96 inch color LCD

Touch Pannel:Support

Charger:USB Cable


Heart rate Sensor:Support



Function:24H-continuous Heart Rate/Pedometer/Blood Pressure/Distance/Calories/Sleep Monitor/Sedentary Remind/Smart Photograph/Search Handset/Time/Color Screen /Incoming call remind/Message Remind/Whatsapp Remind/Facebook Remind


Package Includes: 

Smart Bracelet * 1,

Multi Language User’s Manual *1,


1 2 3 4 7 8

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

17 18


For the problem that the bracelet can measure the heart rate in things and in the air, the following explanation is made:

1.At present, the mainstream heart rate bracelets on the market adopt the same measurement method. The principle is not complicated, that is, the PMG signal of the radial artery is obtained by the reflective photoelectric measurement method, and the fast Fourier transform is performed on the PPG signal to analyze the frequency domain. To achieve the detection of the human heart rate. To put it simply, it is to use a light to the artery and then reflect it back. Based on the change of the reflected light, the heart rate of the human body is calculated.

2.Due to many factors such as the physiological structure of the human body, the color of muscles and blood, green light is the color with the highest passing rate in the human body. Therefore, the light source of the heart rate sensor uses green light to achieve minimum loss and interference.

3.Heart rate wristband detection focuses on human tissue. Some data is also read for non-human objects. This is a known and normal phenomenon. After the data is based on the principle of light reflection, the heart rate detection will have a reading. This situation cannot be All avoided, so there will be problems with heart rate data in the case of heart rate bracelet (table) in the case of “air test”.


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