Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer


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GVN Rocks Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer 

Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer will help you break away from bad habits and live a more productive life. Get things done on time with our magnetic digital stopwatch timer! Free of clutter, and perfect for keeping your focus on what’s important.

  • It’s made from ABS material so it’s lightweight and durable!
  • The timing range that can be set is 0-99 in minutes and 0-55 for seconds.
  • Simply attach the timer to any magnetic surface.
  • The strong magnets will hold the device securely in place while you performing your tasks.
  • Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer available with quick adjustment – with a stop every 5 seconds.
  • Its also support counting up and down.
  • Other than that, our stopwatch timer is black in color with LED digital display, rotating regulation and sound reminder.
  • Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer
  • Voltage of 4.5V (3 AAA batteries)
  • Working temperature:0°C-50°C
  • Time of endurance: 3 months
  • Volume gears available with mute 0db/small volume gear 60-70db/large volume gear 80-90db.
  • Size of 78*78*27.5mm
  • Weight of 90g (Without battery)

Product Show

Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer


Starry Flashing Rhythm of Time

the high definition mirror refracts light and shadow with a silver rotating shell conveying pace rhythm and other elements. Cool and stylish, agile and restrained

Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer

Efficient Timing Easy Rotation

Electronic timing part avoids repeated mechanical presses. With a stop every 5 seconds for quick adjustment

Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer

Timely Grasp Remaining Time

Large mirror for high-definition digital display can clearly see the numbers standing or sitting

Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer

Silent Timing

Electronic timing design, silent running. Calmer in study and more focused in work

Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer

Humanized Reminder without Affecting Others

Three-position timing reminder to adapt to the needs of different environments for volume

Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer

100-minute Meeting Accurate to Second

00: 00-99: 55 adjustable range, support counting up and down, simpler timing

Magnetic Digital Stopwatch Timer

1000+ Timing More Lasting Power

It is applicable to AAA battery, which can be used for 1000 timing in the backlight state

Magnetic Foot Fixing Easily

Easy to stick to metal surfaces such as blackboard and refrigerator, etc, not afraid of falling

Remind Time Wait for the Good to Happen

25-minute baking: Delicious food can withstand waiting

45-minute yoga: Self-discipline gives me freedom

60-minute reading: Knowledge makes me more confident

Press and Rotate Simple Setup

Countdown setting: Turn the knob to set the desired countdown time. Rotate right to increase the value, and rotate left to decrease the value. (The minute value can be set when the rotation is fast and the angle is greater than 60 degrees)

Counting up setting: When it displays 00: 00, press the switch to start counting up