Lace Lingerie Sleepwear Dress


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GVN Rocks Lace Lingerie Sleepwear Dress

Are you tired looking for the best sleepwear online? Why don’t give a try to our ladies sleepwear. As comfort is the key to a good night’s sleep, our lingerie sleepwear dress can be your perfect companion. Our Lace Lingerie Sleepwear Dress will take you far beyond lounging. 

  • Our Lace Lingerie Sleepwear Dress is made of the material of nylon and polyester. (You may wonder what the materials can do for you. Let us brief to you – nylon can easily cleaned and highly elastic. Mean while, polyester is flexible and dries quickly if you wash it). 
  • As for the material composition, this night dress for ladies is satin. 
  • Besides that, the dress length of this nightgown dress is above knee (mini dress).
  • Further more, this ladies sleepwear is designed with the collar of spaghetti strap.
  • You love sleeveless? Our nighties sleepwear is available in the sleeveless for your ultimate comfort. So, it can be your best sleepwear night dress.
  • Pattern Type of Solid (if you are on satin nightgown, check our Satin Lace Sleepwear Set)
  • Our lace sleepwear dress is available in the color of black, black striped, grey, grey with pattern, pink, purple, red, white and your favorite colors.
  • And the sizes that are available are M,L, XL and XXL. Make sure it become your nightgown dress trend.


Lingerie Size Chart

Size Chart of Lace Lingerie Sleepwear Dress

  1. Due to lighting effects, there could be slight different in the color tone.
  2. Please allow 1 to 3m difference.

Lace Sleepwear Dress Product Show

Lace Lingerie Sleepwear Dress

Lace Lingerie Sleepwear Dress

Lace Lingerie Sleepwear DressLace Lingerie Sleepwear Dress


Lace Lingerie Sleepwear Dress

This lingerie can be your honeymoon dress as well. 

A lace panel frames the face and miniskirt length creates a flirtatious look with our sleepwear dress. 

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