What is fashion in clothes?

Fashion is termed as a common way of grooming, especially in clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, or even body piercing. Trend in the fashion of a person’s dresses is an identifiable and often an established pattern. It is the predominant styles in behavior and newest creations of textile designers. Even though, the term fashion relegated to special senses like fancy dresses, the technical term of fashion is more to costume.

Meanwhile, “fashion” generally means clothing, and the art we wear it. As for the aspects of gender, it can represent feminine or masculine sides (yes, it applies for both the ladies and gents).

The fashion term not only define all the latest or the most famous clothes. This social phenomenon involves more value in realness. It assists us to describe our personality in the terms of visual message and to present who we are in the way of fashion. Besides that, we show our attitude to world and other people in the manner we selecting our clothes . Other than that, it is also regarded as a kind of communication and connection with others.

Most of us put our personality at everything, as how we behave at different situations, from our food intake to which style of clothes we prefer at shops. All the parts of it build the important stream of fashion. In despite the differences with others, we (you and me), every person at the world have something in similar.

All over the world there are a lot of people who have the same tastes, choose the same food and dresses of the same kind. There are a lot of traits which build the fashion of today. So, shopping and our lives are inseparable.

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